Artist Discussion and TERM Art Classes are a fellowship of two entities who share values and online platforms to encompass peer support opportunities for artists and the art inquisitive.

Artist Discussion

Founded by Liz Chapman in May 2019; Artist Discussion brings Artists of all creative backgrounds together online for a free, friendly and informal peer support and discussion. The group is delivered on a voluntary basis and aims to support artists to gain practical advice from other artists about all aspects of creative practice including sharing new ideas, encouraging inspiration, networking and problem solving.


TERM Art Classes

Founded in May 2020, TERM Art Classes provide Life Drawing, Art History and Classical Art Courses online and in person. TERM classes are delivered by artists for the art inquisitive. TERM values paying artists and delivering affordable art classes for participants. TERM seeks to instil a love of creativity and confidence in making with freedom to experiment. TERM is a foundation for creativity that welcomes participants of all abilities to develop their practice and embed their understanding of creative techniques, methods and art history.


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